Akinyele East Local Council Development Area was carved out of Akinyele Local Government, Moniya sequel to the approval of His Excellency Senator Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi for the establishment of Thirty Five (35) Local Council Development Area in Oyo State on December, 2017. Ikereku it’s headquartered is one of the most ancient towns.


Akinyele East Local Council Development Area is bounded in the North by Afijo Local Government, in the South by Akinyele South Local Council Development Area, in the West by Akinyele Local Government and in the East by Lagelu North Local Council Development Area.


Also, Akinyele East Local Council Development Area consists of the six geographical Wards of old Akinyele Local Government namely:

Ward 1- Ikereku;

Ward2- Labode , Oboda, Olanla ;

Ward 4- Onidundu;

Ward 6- Akinyele;

Ward 7- Iwokoto/ Amosun

Ward 12- Iroko.


The people of Akinyele East Local Council Development Area are predominantly farmers but there is also a sprinkle of other artisans.



             The natural vegetation of the area is forest zone. Therefore economic trees like Cocoa, Palm Oil, Kolanut, Cherry (Agbalumo) and Timbers are common.




          There are many ancient town within the Local Council Development Area, prominent among them are Ikereku, Iroko, Akinyele, Agbagi , Pade Onidundu, Olanla and Olulosin.


Traditional Yoruba deities are still in vogue, this include Ogun (god of Iron), Egungun (masquerade).


Tourists’ attraction centres in the Local Council Development Area include:


  1. The famous Idan hill at Ikereku from where places as far as Mapo hill in Ibadan can be viewed from its apex.


  1. The Oke Olohunkole at Akinyele Town. The name derived from the site being “ Natural room built inside the reputed footprint of an angel”.


  • The Obalufon cuiltural festival at Idi-Oro village.


  1. Kola Daisi university at Agede.


  1. Mova Technology (maker of Agro Allied Machines) at Akinyele.


  1. AMOBYN Poultry at Agbirigidi.




Agriculture id the main occupation of the majority of the people of Akinyele East Locla Council Development Area. Agriculture provides income and employment for over (90%) of the people. The c Local Council Development Area falls within the forest and derives savannah zone of the country. This made it possible for the area suitable for wide range of crops both food and cash crops. Among the food crops are Maize, Cassava. Cocoyam, Sweet Potatoes, Plantain, Orange, Banana, Pine Apple, Vegetables while cash crops includes Palm Oil, Bitter Kola, Cocoa, Kolanut, Timbers etc.




There are Forty Four (44) Public Primary Schools within the Local Council Development Area.


  1. Methodist Central Primary School, Ikereku.
  2. D.C. Primary School, Solalu
  • James Primary School, Iwonla
  1. Paul Anglican Primary School, Atapa
  2. James Primary School, Olanla
  3. Peter Anglican Primary School, Olulosin
  • Andrew Primary School, Idi-Oro
  • D.C. Primary School, Ileba
  1. David Primary School, Beyioku
  2. Thomas Primary School, Iroko
  3. Matthew Primary School, Tunbosun
  • Methodist Primary School, Labode
  • John Primary School, Talotan
  • Luke Anglican Primary School, Onidundu
  1. Methodist Primary School, Onikarahun
  • Paul Primary School, Adeogun
  • D.C. Primary School, Alagba
  • D.C. Primary School, Adifa
  • D.C. Primary School, Akinkunmi
  1. D.C. Primary School, Babamogba
  • D.C. Primary School, Fasola
  • D.C. Primary School, Osanyindeyi
  • L.A. Primary School, Omotunde
  • A.C. Primary School, Alayin
  • John Primary School, Olode
  • U.D. Primary School, Aseperi
  • James Anglican Primary School, Ojerinde
  • A.C. Primary School, Iroko
  • A.C. Primary School, Akinyele
  • D.C. Primary School, Ogunjinmi Egan
  • D.C. Primary School, Agbagi
  • D.C. Primary School, Alade
  • D.C. Primary School, Eleepo
  • D.C. Primary School, Oluawo
  • Paul Primary School, Oboda
  • The Apostolic Primary School, Ekeola
  • Methodist Primary School, Bantu
  • Methodist Primary School, Ayepoola
  • Community Primary School, Apapa Odan
  1. John Primary School, Akingbola
  • O.A. Primary School, Giwa
  • Islamic Mission Primary School, Olowoogbo
  • Andrew Anglician Primary School, Agbirigidi
  • Luke Primary School, Otun Agbaakin.



  1. Anglican Grammar School, Agbirigidi
  2. Community High School, Apapa Odan
  • Community High School, Pade
  1. Community High School, Iroko
  2. Community High School, Olanla
  3. Community High School, Ikereku
  • School of Science, Pade
  • Community High School, Otun Agbaakin.




  1. Kola Daisi University (Private) at Agede.




 There are a lot of primary industries in the Local Council Development Area among them are Palm Oil processing  factory, Gari processing, Soap making, Cassava flour(Lafun) processing, Chicken and Egg poultry production, Livestock production, Fishery production, Block making factory, Black Smith. Central Abattoir is situated at Amosun and Mova Technology at Akinyele( maker of Agro Allied machines).  Also, Sand, Gravel and Laterites are in abundant within the Local Council Development Area which good for construction aggregates.

Most people in the Local Council Development Area engage in buying and selling of different farm products. Peoples from various work of life trade at Local Council Development Area famous markets.